State of Flux


State Of Flux breathes dramatic new life into the arguments presented in the Anglo Irish Debates a century ago.  This was the most important conversation in Irish history, and its fallout has defined our political landscape ever since. After three years of violence and conflict, these were the words that fought for Irish freedom. A cliffhanger vote would [...]

Children Of The Troubles


In Children of the Troubles, Joe Duffy explores the lives and tragic deaths of the children who were killed during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Over several decades, the violence in Northern Ireland claimed the lives of thousands of people of all ages, among them babies, young sports stars and teenagers just starting their first [...]

The Island


In a unique project, Three Business set out with the bold ambition to transform remote Arranmore into the most connected island in the world. Loosehorse partnered with Three, the media agency Boys+Girls and the island's community to capture this unique story in a short-form documentary and a series of digital and broadcast vignettes.

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